Bring on 2014!

Thursday January 02
Are you roaring into 2014 like a Lion?  Or sneaking in with a whimper?

I just finished up a great phone call with my accountability partner this morning and it made me reflect on a couple things we discussed.

We were talking about going into 2014 enthused, excited and ready to grow our respective businesses to new and greater levels.  We are both in the early stages of building a business that offers us and our business partners huge upside potential…financially…personally…professionally and spiritually.  We both see it so clearly.

We see many others that are teaming up with us that share the enthusiasm and positive outlook for 2014 and beyond.  Then there are others that for whatever reason don’t see it as clearly.  That got us... Read More »

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Funny how the best coaches also seem to be the most coachable. Having been on the other side of the fence with Scott by... Read More
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